Our Vision

I have a passion for the Kingdom of the Living God. And I hate religion with an equally fervent passion.  This puzzles some people, but once you gain the understanding that Jesus did not come to establish another religion called Christianity but rather to bring the Kingdom of God to this earth, it makes perfect sense.  Religion is mostly the enemy of the Kingdom.

One thing you'll hear me say often is "worldview is everything". That's because our worldview is the pair of glasses through which we interpret everything that happens to us.  Every decision we make is directly or indirectly influenced by our worldview.  Decisions become paths, and paths become roadways which take us through this journey we call life.

Our worldview is formed by all those people and events that have influence on our lives.  Yet, if our worldview is incorrect, we are navigating through life with a bad map, which means at best we will never reach our destination.  For most people this means a life wasted in vain pursuit of elusive dreams rather than achieving our full potential that is only available to us when we have a proper worldview.

Rich PreachingMy goal and highest desire is to bring cultural transformation first to America and then to the nations of the world.  To do this, we need a reformation in our thinking - a correct map of the world.  This must include a biblical worldview that includes the dominion mandate given to man at creation in Genesis, and an understanding of the government of God - His Kingdom rule and reign, is present and working in this world today.

If you'd like to know more about this glorious Kingdom, we invite you to join the Lionheart Tribe and become part of the army of God that is actively defeating the darkness and spreading the light of His glory across this great nation.

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In His service,