StrateGEMS 3 – Just Do It? (Video)

by Rich Carey April 27, 2011

Nike coined a phrase that has become much more than a sports motto. According to many voices today, “Just do it” seems to be the guiding value by which we are to live our daily lives.

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StrateGEMs 2 – Guard Your Heart! (Video)

by Rich Carey April 17, 2011

In this edition of StrateGEMS, Rich talks about why it’s so important to guard our hearts in this age of information overload.

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StrateGEMS 1 – Heart Thinking (Video)

by Rich Carey April 12, 2011

In this inaugural edition of StrateGEMS, Rich contrasts heart thinking with head thinking. Did you know that you think with your heart?  When we think about thinking, most of us would focus our attention on our minds and this 3 pounds or so of gray matter between our ears. But the stuff that we really […]

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