The Kingdom of God is here. It is invading every institution, every system, and every other kingdom on planet Earth. You may not see it, but it is there, working powerfully behind the scenes, slowly but constantly consuming the darkness and bringing new life. It will never stop until the whole earth is filled with glory.

Lionheart Ministries is dedicated to the cause and the message of the Kingdom of God. Our cause is to eradicate the works of spiritual darkness wherever they are found. Sickness, disease, hatred, murder, strife, even death itself must not go unchallenged, for these are enemies of God and subject to the victory of the Cross.

Our message is to tell the world about our great King – whose infinite love and compassion for this fallen world caused Him to pass from eternity to mortality and back again, thus creating a sweeping vortex of life and miracles and wonders.

Life is truly an adventure. Destiny awaits us all. We invite you to ride upon the waves of exceeding glory with us.

Lionheart Ministries